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A Decade of Arvinas

Making a Dream a Reality

Hanqing Dong, Ph.D, Senior Director, Chemistry

Hanqing Dong is the Senior Director of Chemistry at Arvinas, where he has been an instrumental force in developing new therapies using our pioneering PROTAC® technology for the last decade.

Hanqing’s passion for drug discovery began in his graduate school days in China while studying synthetic organic chemistry. Fascinated by the art and science of constructing molecules, he dreamt of one day applying his knowledge to turn small molecules into life-saving clinical drugs. 

Fast forward to 2013, Hanqing joined Arvinas as employee number four, recommended by his colleague at the time, and former Arvinas Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Andy Crew. After learning of Craig Crews’ breakthrough research to discover carfilzomib —a drug used to treat multiple myeloma—Hanqing wasn’t only convinced, but deeply inspired to become a part of the team. And he’s been deeply inspired ever since.

Reflecting on the last decade, Hanqing recalls the humble beginnings of Arvinas in a one-floor New Haven office with a small laboratory and an unpaved parking lot. As he thinks about just how far Arvinas has come—from a small team with a dream to an established clinical-stage biotech company. “I am most proud to have had the opportunity to develop PROTAC® protein degraders, which are currently being investigated across multiple clinical trials.” 

Today, Hanqing has realized his dream of using small molecules that are being developed in clinical trials. Through his innovative research and tireless dedication, he and his team are pioneering the development of potentially groundbreaking therapies and giving hope to many. 


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