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A Decade of Arvinas

A Culture of Care: Putting People First

Katie Smith, Ph.D, Principal Senior Research Investigator

Katie Smith says that her drive to make a difference often means embracing the unpredictable nature of scientific research with optimism and determination. She has found that Arvinas, with its mission-driven work and team environment, helps her stay motivated through the ups and downs of drug discovery.

Having been a project leader in oncology at Arvinas for nearly five years, Katie finds inspiration in her colleagues’ collaborative spirit and willingness to band together in the face of challenges. Through their collective efforts, she says she has witnessed how powerful teamwork can be toward achieving meaningful outcomes for patients.

“I’ve learned so much being here,” she says. “The amazing team I’m a part of inspires me daily. If we work well and trust and care for each other and our work, we can tackle anything and potentially bring something meaningful to patients.”

Looking toward the future, Katie feels hopeful about Arvinas’ ability to bring life-changing medicines where they are needed most. She believes maintaining a people-first culture is key to our company’s success and hopes we will continue prioritizing a supportive and inclusive work environment. 

Beyond her work at Arvinas, Katie has also come to love the community of New Haven, which she now calls home. From the vibrant arts scene to the delicious food options, she always finds new things to discover and explore in the city. What she loves most, however, are the people, as she considers herself fortunate to be surrounded by like-minded individuals committed to positively impacting the world.


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