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The power of PROTAC® technology through partnerships

We are believers in the expansive power of our PROTAC technology - it can be applied broadly across a wide range of disease areas. Our goal is to expand the universe of druggable targets, and we are exploring ways to achieve that goal both on our own and with strategic partners.

Learn about our current partnerships

We are expanding the potential impact of PROTAC protein degraders for patients with our current partners, Genentech, Pfizer and Bayer, and exploring the application of PROTAC protein degraders to agriculture through Oerth Bio, our joint venture with Bayer.

Genentech logo


In November 2017, Arvinas and Genentech, a member of the Roche Group, expanded their multi-year strategic license agreement to encompass additional disease targets. The collaboration was originally formed in October 2015 to develop new therapeutics using Arvinas’ PROTAC technology platform.

As part of the expansion, Arvinas is now eligible to receive more than $650 million in development and commercialization milestones as well as tiered royalties on sales of products. Genentech has the option to further expand the collaboration to include other disease targets for consideration.

Pfizer logo


In July 2021, Arvinas and Pfizer Inc. announced a global collaboration to develop and commercialize ARV-471, an investigational, oral, estrogen-receptor-targeting PROTAC degrader. This partnership combines Arvinas’ PROTAC expertise with Pfizer’s deep experience in breast oncology therapeutics. Arvinas and Pfizer will equally share worldwide development costs, commercialization expenses, and profits.

In January 2018, Arvinas announced a research and collaboration license agreement with Pfizer Inc. for the discovery and development of drug candidates using Arvinas’ PROTAC® technology platform, which is designed to degrade harmful target proteins. The multi-year collaboration covers multiple disease targets across several therapeutic areas. Arvinas may receive up to $830 million in upfront and potential development and commercialization milestone payments in addition to tiered royalties. Arvinas will drive discovery efforts, while Pfizer will be accountable for clinical development and commercialization of any products that may result from the collaboration.

Bayer logo


In June of 2019, Arvinas and Bayer announced an agreement to leverage Arvinas’ novel PROTAC protein degrader technology to develop new human therapeutics for patients with cardiovascular, oncological, and gynecological diseases. Simultaneously, Bayer and Arvinas announced the formation of a separate joint venture, Oerth Bio, which will leverage Arvinas’ PROTAC protein degrader technology for agricultural applications. The arrangements include over $110 million in upfront cash and committed funding for the human disease collaboration, the agricultural joint venture, and a direct equity investment by Bayer in Arvinas.

In the pharmaceutical collaboration, Bayer and Arvinas will seek to develop novel product candidates for diseases with serious unmet need, including targets in gynecology, cardiovascular disease, and oncology. Arvinas received an upfront payment and committed R&D funding. When combined with the direct equity investment in Arvinas, these investments exceeded $60 million. As programs progress through research, development, and commercialization, Arvinas is also eligible to receive development milestones of over $685 million and commercial royalties ranging from the mid-single digits to the low double-digits.

OerthBio logo


Oerth Bio is the joint venture formed by Arvinas and Bayer and represents an opportunity to extend the impact of PROTAC protein degraders into plant biology, including applications for weed, pest, and disease control. Oerth Bio will be supported by intellectual property and over $55 million in committed funding from Bayer, and by technology and intellectual property from Arvinas. Bayer and Arvinas will equally share governance and equity ownership of Oerth Bio.

For more information about Oerth Bio, please visit

Opportunities for new PROTAC partnerships

We are proud of our existing collaborations and the academic roots of our technology originally developed at Yale. We are open to partnerships with commercial and academic partners that extend our PROTAC platform, including:

  • New disease areas
  • Targets of interest to Arvinas and/or a potential partner
  • Targets with ligands with suboptimal affinity or without function
  • Targets with a nontraditional binding ligand