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Andrew Saik

Chief Financial Officer

Andrew Saik is Chief Financial Officer at Arvinas. Mr. Saik has more than 20 years of biopharma finance experience and has participated in over 40 successful mergers and acquisition transactions. He has been a leader in the strategic transformation of three companies, including executing two inversion transactions that have added billions in value to shareholders.
Prior to joining Arvinas, Mr. Saik served as Chief Financial Officer at Intercept Pharmaceuticals where he led the effort to recapitalize the balance sheet by selling the international division for $450 million and then repurchasing $390 million in convertible debt with a combination of cash and stock. Prior to Intercept Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Mr. Saik was Chief Financial Officer of Vyne Therapeutics, Inc., where he led a buildout of the company’s finance department in the U.S., renegotiated debt obligations to provide the company with enhanced financial flexibility and helped raise over $135 million to fund operations. Prior to joining Vyne Therapeutics, Mr. Saik held CFO positions at PDS Biotechnology, Corp. (formerly Edge Therapeutics), Vertice Pharma, LLC, and Auxilium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Prior to Auxilium, he was Senior Vice President, Finance and Treasurer at Endo Health Solutions, Inc., where he helped complete the acquisition of Paladin Labs and restructured $3 billion of debt into a new corporate structure.
Mr. Saik also serves on the board of directors at Milestone Pharmaceuticals.
Mr. Saik received both his Bachelor of Arts in History with an emphasis on business administration, and his Master of Business Administration in Business with an emphasis on finance from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles.


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