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Arvinas Early Career Researcher Award

2021 marked twenty years since Arvinas’ founder Craig Crews and his collaborators published the first paper on protein degradation technology.

In honor of this milestone and Arvinas’ leadership in targeted protein degradation (TPD), we are excited to announce Katherine Donovan, Ph.D. of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute/Harvard Medical School as the winner of the Arvinas Early Career Researcher Award. This award aims to recognize up-and-coming researchers bringing innovation, new approaches and creative thinking to advance the field of targeted protein degradation; acknowledging their dedication and commitment to this therapeutic approach toward otherwise intractable disease targets. Dr. Donovan has developed mass spectroscopy-based approaches to large-scale chemical exploration of the ‘degradable’ proteome across target classes, and continues to explore, identify, and make publicly accessible chemical degrader tool molecules across target classes. Together with colleagues, she initiated the TPD Seminar Series – an online, free, and open-source webinar series that brings the entire global TPD research community together on a bi-monthly basis. Dr. Donovan received a monetary award of $25,000 to honor her leadership, innovation, and key scientific contributions to the field of TPD.

Thank you to all who applied for this award!

Early Career Researcher Aware Collage
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