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Moving Targeted Protein Degradation Forward

July 2001
The first major publication describing the PROTACĀ® technology is published by Arvinas founder, Craig Crews, and team.
July 2013
Arvinas is founded, leading the way in turning targeted protein degraders into treatments for patients.
October 2015
Arvinas announces partnership with Genentech (later expanded in 2017).
Late 2016
Arvinas first creates orally bioavailable PROTAC protein degraders.
January 2018
Arvinas announces partnership with Pfizer.
Early 2018
Arvinas first creates PROTAC protein degraders that cross the blood-brain barrier.
September 2018
Arvinas prices initial public offering of stock (Nasdaq:ARVN).
March 2019
Arvinas begins first ever clinical study of a targeted protein degrader: ARV-110 for the potential treatment of men with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC).
June 2019
Arvinas announces a partnership with Bayer, including a pharmaceutical collaboration and the launch of an agricultural joint venture, Oerth Bio.
August 2019
Arvinas announces that its second targeted protein degrader has entered the clinic: ARV-471 for the potential treatment of patients with locally advanced or metastatic ER positive / HER2 negative breast cancer.
October 2019
Arvinas announces initial safety and pharmacokinetic data for its first clinical programs, ARV-110 and ARV-471.
Arvinas releases clinical data demonstrating efficacy proof-of-concept for PROTAC protein degraders ARV-471 and ARV-110
Fall 2020
Arvinas begins the ARDENT Phase 2 expansion cohort for ARV-110
Spring 2021
Arvinas begins the VERITAC Phase 2 expansion cohort for ARV-471
July 2021
Arvinas announces global collaboration with Pfizer to co-develop and co-commercialize ARV-471