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Open Positions: Associate / Research Scientist Platform Biology (Protein Biochemist)

Arvinas is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing new small molecules ‒ known as PROTAC® (PROteolysis Targeting Chimera) protein degraders ‒ aimed at degrading disease-causing cellular proteins via proteolysis. Based on innovative research conducted at Yale University by Dr. Craig Crews, Founder and Chief Scientific Advisor, the company is translating natural protein degradation approaches into novel drugs for the treatment of cancer and other diseases. Our proprietary PROTAC®-based drug paradigm induces protein degradation, rather than protein inhibition, using the ubiquitin proteasome system and offers the advantage of potentially targeting “undruggable” as well as “druggable” elements of the proteome. This greatly expands the ability to create drugs for many new, previously unapproachable targets.

Position Summary

We are looking for a scientist to join our protein purification and biochemistry team. This position will participate in protein construct design, protein expression and purification, perform QC, and contribute to characterization of ligand binding. Ideally, the candidate will have structural biology experience, although this is not required. This position will provide the key, critical data necessary to drive programs toward targeted degradation.

This position reports to the Structural Biology Research Scientist in our Platform Biology group and will be located at our headquarters in New Haven, CT.

Principal Responsibilities

Key responsibilities of this role include, but are not limited to:

  • Communicate with project leads to determine downstream application of protein, and conducting literature research to design soluble protein constructs with appropriate affinity and solubility tags. Downstream applications may include biophysics assays, protein crystallography, cryo-EM, and ligand screening.
  • Expression of protein constructs in E. coli. including scouting in different cell lines and expression conditions, and sterile technique
    • Experience in expression in mammalian or insect cells is a plus.
  • Purification of soluble protein using affinity chromatography, IEX, and SEC.
    • Experience with AKTA / AKTA Pure FPLC systems is a plus.
  • Quality control of protein preparation using SDS-PAGE, melting temperature, western blotting.
    • Experience with additional quality control measures such as mass spectrometry or SPR/MST/ITC using known protein or small molecule binders a plus.
  • Experience with, or openness to mastering, additional structural biology techniques such as protein crystallography and negative stain electron microscopy.
  • Partner with diverse project teams in complex scheduling of work and generation of data. Apply excellent organizational and prioritization skills.
  • Troubleshoot through technical and scientific challenges in order to deliver critical data.
  • Organize experimental results to be shared with project teams; maintain clear experimental records using ELN (electronic lab notebook).

For the Research Scientist role, key responsibilities are those listed above, plus:

  • Experience setting up protein crystallography experiments, analyzing crystal trays, mounting crystals for remote data collection, and solving structures using software such as HKL2000, CCP4, Coot, and others.
  • Alternatively, setting up negative stain and cryo-EM experiments, screening grids, and analyzing data using EMAN2, Relion, CCP4, Coot, Chimera, and others.


  • 2+ years of laboratory experience in an academic or industry setting.
  • A strong work ethic and theoretical knowledge in protein behavior and biochemistry.
  • Knowledge, theory behind, and experience with recombinant protein expression. Prior hands-on experience in analyzing protein-protein or protein-ligand interactions is a plus.
  • Experience with AKTA protein purification systems, Unicorn software, Microsoft Excel


  • Associate Scientist – BS/MS in biochemistry, biotechnology, molecular biology, or related field and strong academic performace.
  • Research Scientist – PhD in biochemistry, molecular biology, chemistry, or related field with strong publication record and academic performance.

Training in biophysical and/or structural biology techniques will be provided as needed.

Arvinas is proud to offer a competitive package of base and incentive compensation as well as a comprehensive benefits program designed to support the health, wellness, and financial security of our employees and their families. Benefits include group medical, vision, and dental coverage, group and supplemental life insurance, and much more. To learn more about Arvinas, please visit

Arvinas is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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